Social media data collection tools

Curated by Deen Freelon, Ph.D. | freelon at american dot edu | | @dfreelon

This is a list of data collection tools for social media—just Twitter and Facebook for now, but please feel free to add headings for other social media services. If you want to add content, you'll need to join this wiki by creating a Wikidot account. Each tool is listed once for each social media platform it can collect data from.

I have not personally used all of the software on this list, so I can’t vouch for the quality or functionality of those I haven’t used. I do, however, personally verify that each product at least claims to be able to collect Twitter and/or Facebook-related data. If your submission is removed, it is probably because I could not verify that it claims to do so. I also remove products that violate Twitter or Facebook’s terms of service, e.g. by scraping their web interfaces directly. If I’ve removed something you’ve added and you think it fits the aforementioned criteria, please contact me.

Twitter data collection tools (applications):

Twitter data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):

Facebook data collection tools (applications):

Facebook data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):

Social data vendors (these sell data for analysis within their own platforms or independently):

Instagram data collection tools (applications):

Other (misc links that don’t belong under any of the other sections)


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